Our Philosophy

At Ancora Kids Browns Plains Child Care Centre, we are passionate about providing holistic and thoughtful learning environments that enable children to grow and develop to their highest potential.

Our centre is founded on three main principles: Empathy, Compassion and GRIT (growth, resilience, integrity and tenacity). We strive to shape our environments, experiences and education around     promoting these principles in the lives and hearts of children.  We believe that when children are given the right opportunities they are able to demonstrate immense potential for courage, conscientiousness, perseverance, resilience and passion.


Our learning experiences are tailored to assist children in their growing sense of autonomy and    independence. Inspired by some of Maria Montessori’s theories, we believe in providing a range of environments that allow for children to explore ‘real life’ skills. Our educators work to support children in developing vital life skills that will equip and empower their future.


In balance to this approach, we simultaneously believe it is essential for children’s development to be provided with opportunity to explore their creativity. Inspired by some of Rudolf Steiner’s theories, our learning environments will also encourage play-based experiences that foster the child’s use of imagination, and continually scaffold their learning through thematic play.


Our learning environments and programs also encourages early exposure to STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics). We provide age-appropriate spaces for learning in science, technology, engineering, arts, maths, music and movement. We also strongly believe in the benefits of learning a second language in the early years.


We acknowledge that families are the first and most influential teachers in the lives of their    children, and prioritise forming trusting, respectful and collaborative relationships. These relationships become the foundation for creating a safe and secure space for children, we strive to support our children transition in and out of their home environments and build reciprocal relationships with our families to encourage a sense of belonging for our children.


Our Educators prioritise forming nurturing relationships that promote the emotional and social wellbeing of all children. These relationships enable the centre to support children in their ability to explore their own emotions, skills, talents and interests; as well as those of others. In this way they become increasingly able to develop positive relationships within each of their communities, and explore their sense of being.


We believe that every child has an immeasurable capacity to succeed in life. Regardless of  circumstance, they have the right to access learning resources, educational programs and support that will equip them in transitioning into their school life. We value the influence that Early Education has on the trajectory of a child’s life – and emphasise the importance of preparing children for the changing experiences they face as they grow and develop, promoting a sense of becoming.


Our centre aims to assist children in connecting to the world, by promoting compassion and empathy in our environments. We provide an inclusive, culturally sensitive environment where our educators and children are encouraged to grow in their understandings and acceptance of the variety of cultures represented in the centre. We also promote empathy towards children around the world – through our child-sponsorship program.


All of these visions are secured by a team of educators that are highly passionate, dedicated and committed. Our educators are supported to participate in professional development, and extend their knowledge of the Early Years Learning Framework, and National Quality Standards that frame our practice. They value the importance of reflective practice, that enables them to extend and continually improve their education and care programs.


Ancora Kids Browns Plains Child Care Centre is preparing children today, for a better tomorrow.


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