Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Ancora Kids?


Ancora Kids is a preschool enrichment center. Our purpose is described in the following question:


How might we work with your preschool child to develop foundation skills to thrive in the world that he/ she is growing up in?


Our present focus is on developing critical thinking & reasoning, scientific inquiry, literacy (English and Chinese), and numeracy. Our approach is by engaging your preschool child with activities inspired from the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Languages, Music, and Movement.


 2.  Is Ancora Kids a childcare service? 


No, we are not a childcare or child-minding service. We believe your child deserves much more than just being minded. They deserve more! 

Unlike a childcare or child-minding service, your preschool child will be engaged in thoughtful, well-designed activities through-out his/ her time with us. These activities are designed to prepare your child for his/ her future, and for formal school. 

There will be brief sessions of free-play (Kids need to play!). These are intentionally ‘spaces’ scheduled in between activities for your child to process what they’ve learnt, and to interact with other learners in a free-structured environment.



3.  Is Ancora Kids a tuition centre?


No, we are not a tuition centre. We don’t believe that a sit-down, worksheet-driven, single-directional teaching approach is optimal for preschoolers.


Our activities are engaging and varied. Kids who have attended our classes thoroughly enjoy their time with us!

4.  Are classes at Ancora Kids eligible for Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?


No, classes at Ancora Kids are not eligible for Child Care Subsidy (CCS).


5.  What if my child doesn't speak either English or Chinese?


We highly encourage your child to join our class! Our preschool classes are typically conducted in both English and Chinese. We believe that exposure to both languages in an activity-based thematic* setting, will only aid your child’s learning experience and grasp of both languages and encourage cognitive development.  


*Yes! Our classes are thematic! Themes that we’ve used include those from science, geography (place and seasons), mathematics, culture, etc.


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