Our philosophy

At Ancora Kids, we want to witness lives transformed. We are passionate about providing holistic and thoughtful learning environments. We want to be the ‘anchor’ in children’s lives, helping them to grow and develop to their highest potential.


Our centre is founded on three main principles: empathy, compassion and grit (growth, resilience, integrity and tenacity). We believe that when children are given the right opportunities they are able to demonstrate immense potential for courage, conscientiousness, perseverance, resilience and passion.

Empathy, compassion and grit



Empathy and emotional regulation is a core skill for a happy and healthy life. Building empathy in children helps them to relate to others in a responsible, supportive and constructive manner. We help children to recognise emotion in themselves and others, understand the causes/effects the emotions have, and manage them appropriately.


How do we foster passion, motivation and an ability to respond confidently to challenges? We reframe problems as learning opportunities, and children are given the autonomy to try (and fail) new things. When they’re facing obstacles we help them persevere, and we praise genuine effort. With appropriate challenges children develop skills, flexibility, resilience and an understanding of their own limits.


Giving children an understanding of the blessings in their lives - and of the hardships and trails of disadvantaged children around the globe - fosters generosity and empathy. One of the ways we integrate compassion is through our centre’s sponsorship of children across the globe by partnering with Compassion Australia.

Inspired by both the Montessori and Steiner approaches, we provide learning environments that help children to develop ‘real life’ skills and encourage their imagination and creativity. Our program also provides age-appropriate opportunities for learning in science, technology, engineering, arts, maths, music and movement. 

You are your child’s first and most influential teacher. By creating trusting, respectful and collaborative relationships with the families attending our centre, we are able to create a sense of belonging for the children. 

We understand the influence of early education on the trajectory of a child’s life - that is why we aim to prepare children for the range of experiences they will face. We help them develop a sense of themselves, and to become compassionate, hard working, resilient, responsible, creative and world-changing adults.

Our people


At Ancora Kids we know our educators play an essential role in bringing our philosophy to life. We only hire educators that are passionate, deliberate and caring.


Our educators treat their role as more than just a job – they have a passion for supporting children and equipping them for the future. We hold our educators to the highest standard of behaviour, and expect them to be positive role models. They also work in collaboration with families to give children a sence of security between the centre and home.


At Ancora Kids we support our educators, while ensuring they are challenged to continuously grow. We respect the staff’s initiative, innovation and attention to quality, as well as their commitment to the children and their families.

A word from Ancora’s director

Ancora Kids originated from a concept of empowering young children to grow into empathetic adults. As a mother and employer, I witnessed a growing sense of entitlement in young people and I did not want my child growing up to feel that the world owes them everything. I believe that during the early years, it is important to give children a sense of genuine gratitude. This empowers the children of the next generation to create a new social culture based on compassion.

However, I also noticed how cut-throat the world can be for young people, and realised that just teaching them to be empathetic and compassionate would not be enough. The rate of mental health issues has continued to rise, and I think that a contributing factor is that many young people do not have the drive to achieve their own goals. I believe what is lacking is ‘GRIT’ – Growth, Resilience, Integrity and Tenacity. And so this has become a key part of our mission: Empowering children with EMPATHY, COMPASSION and GRIT for a better tomorrow. 

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