Our program

Ancora Kids offers play-based, progressive learning with opportunities for kids to explore, discover and create. We provide a well-rounded learning experience for your child with both a learning focus and a social focus.

The learning focus of our program covers key subjects such as maths, science (STEM), arts, and language. We also engage our children with music, movement and stories across all classes. We recognize that children develop at their own pace, and our educators support each child’s individual learning needs. Our program is mainly designed for children from ages 0 to 5, however some of our centres do offer programs for older children.

The social focus of our program is based on our philosophy of empathy, compassion and grit. Our centres are secure and caring environments which build children’s confidence and a joy for learning. We also focus on developing growth, maintaining sustainability, developing a sense of community and the health and wellbeing of our children.

Learning focus

Our long day care program aims to prepare your child for formal education by weaving important learning areas into a play-based environment. Classes encourages participation, expression, creativity, cooperation and inclusion. We focus on seven key areas: language, science, maths, stories, art, movement and music. We believe these areas will continue to grow in importance and having these skills will equip children for a successful future.



Our program incorporates age-appropriate maths activities such as number sense, counting, geometry–shapes, sorting and ordering. These skills help children to understand math concepts and language, and gives them the building blocks they will need when they begin formal school. 

Social focus

Health & wellbeing

The ability to care for your own health is an important life skill. We use play, song and stories to develop essential skills and teach children about health, hygiene and self-care. This includes choosing and making healthy meals, bathing, dressing, hair care, toileting and toothbrushing. All our centres are also sun-safe with the use of wide-brimmed hats, shaded play areas and UV monitoring.


We positively engage with our educators, children, families, and the broader community to build a strong sense of belonging for the children. We build our community by fostering friendships, providing practical and emotional support to families, and inviting family involvement. In the broader community, we have involvement with local schools and aged-care centres, and sponsor children in developing countries through Compassion Australia.


At Ancora Kids we want children to grow holistically. That includes growth in emotional awareness and regulation, kindness and empathy, and engagement within the community. We also help them gain real-life, hands-on skills, physical development such as balance and motor skills, and to become school ready.


We care for the environment by ensuring sustainable practices wherever possible. We consider the environmental impact of our administration and offices, our communications, and our energy use. Our vegetable garden helps us teach children about food cycles and food choices, and each room has marked bins to help us teach sustainable waste management.

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