Our program

Ancora Kids offers play-based learning with opportunities for kids to explore, discover and create. To foster well-rounded development, our program has both a learning focus and a social focus.


Learning focus

Our program prepares children for formal education by weaving learning into play-based activities. Classes encourage participation, expression, creativity, cooperation and inclusion. We believe having skills in these important areas will equip children for a successful future. Every child develops at their own pace, and our educators support each child’s individual learning needs.

Our seven key learning areas








Social focus

The social part of our program is based on our philosophy of fostering empathy, compassion and grit in kids. Our centres are secure, caring environments where children build confidence and discover a joy for learning.

Health & wellbeing

We use play, song and stories to develop essential skills and teach children about health, hygiene and self-care. This includes choosing and making healthy meals, bathing, dressing, hair care, toileting and toothbrushing.


Our centres help children grow their kindness, empathy and emotional awareness and regulation. They also gain real-life, hands-on experience, physical development such as balance and motor skills, and to become school ready.


We build a sense of community by fostering friendships, providing support to families, and through family involvement. The kids engage with the broader community through local schools and aged-care centres, and we sponsor children in developing countries through Compassion Australia.


As custodians of the planet in the future, young people play an important role in caring for the environment. Our vegetable garden teaches children about food cycles and choices, and marked bins help them learn about sustainable waste management.